Georg Ots Sings Songs By Soviet Composers

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TITLE Georg Ots Sings Songs By Soviet Composers
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George Otis, the famous Soviet operatic singer, took up vocal music when he was nearly 20. At school he dreamed of a civil engineer's career, and in 1940 entered the Tallinn Polytechnical Institute.

In the last war he served with the Estonian Corps of the Soviet Army, and later took part as a soloist in the Estonian Ensemble which gave concerts for servicemen, workers and collective farmers. When the war ended, Ots was admitted as a chorus singer to the Tallinn's theatre "Estonia," where it took him only a year to become a fulfledged soloist.

Nature has richly endowed this singer with a beautiful "velvety" baritone and a vivid artistic temperament. One will never forget his tender and spirited arias of Mozart's Don Giovanni, vigorous couplets of Toreador, strikingly sonorous arias of Rubinstein's Demon, reserved yet impetuous Eugene Onegin, and the noble hearted Yeletsky.

He is just as versatile in his chamber repertoire. His performance of songs by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, Alabiev and Gurilev, by Estonian and Western composers is full of sincerity and poetic charm.

Georg Ots is quite famous as a performer of soldier's songs.

When still quite unknown to the Muscovites, George Ots won their admiration by his very first recital of Estonian songs at the Tcha'kovsky Concert Hall. Then he song for the first time A. Ojakar's "At a Sea-Side Collective Farm" captivating the audience by his beautiful voice, gentle humour and a remarkable feeling of folk melody.

His comprehensive repertoire includes popular and chamber songs by the Estonian composers A. Kapp, B. Kyrver, and G. Podelsky, songs from films composed by T. Khrennikov and V. Solovyov-Sedoi, songs by V. Mokrousov, A. Novikov, S. Kats, and E. Kolmanovsky. The singer's artistic talent is really universal. He is equally successful in V. Bely's marching song "In Defence of Peace." a joking nursery song by D. Kabalevsky, and the lyric "Sevastopol Waltz" by K. Listov

In 1960, George Ots was awarded the title of People's Artiste of the USSR.

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